Search Optimization Strategy from a Maryland SEO Expert

In war and in business, strategies matter. We remember only the greatest battles in history. The ones with genius attacks, and monumental outcomes. We are fascinated by the way these generals thought, and how they changed their tactics to confuse their opponents. This led them to victories, conquering new lands, and the happiness of their people. The same principles are alive today, but they have been transferred to a business environment.

In the digital age, everyone has the same arena, and everyone can succeed. All of your competitors are hungry wolves that want money and traffic from search engines. So, how can you deploy a tactic, plan, and strategy to be the wolf who gets the food? The answer is to be smart, and use a few of the best SEO trends to boost your rankings up, and secure your number one spot on the first page of Google results. Here is some more info on the subject: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/7451184?hl=en

Be the one who cares about your audience

The first question you need to ask yourself is what kind of content does your audience want. You can be producing the best articles, written by the best copywriters and article writers ever. But, what if your visitors want videos and podcasts? Well, then you’ll have a major problem because you’ll lose sales. Try and focus on what your audience wants to see and hear, then be ready to focus on the next step.

The intent in the keywords matters


The next step is to find out what does your customer think of seeing when they type in the keyword. In previous years, all of the page rankings have been fluctuating because of semantic reasons. This means that every search result must be adequate for the subjective desire of the visitor. Now, it’s more important than ever to focus on the emphasis of the keywords and their intent.

Take a look at what your customers are searching on your page. This will help out in knowing what questions they have. And, if you are smart, you can use this as an advantage. If a user has a problem, prepare beforehand for another follow-up question. They will definitely be surprised if you already have the answer before they even think of asking. This gives you more credibility, and that’s how you get Google’s love on your side. If you’re constantly having problems with SEO, you might want to consider an agency like IJ Media SEO.

Nothing beats great content

We live in the information age. What we all want is information. So, logically, a business needs to provide the most informative content to be recognized as a brand, or something of value. Quality, in-depth content that covers a niche in details is highly valued by search engine algorithms. On the other hand, broad content that aims to sway readers into reading fluff gets put down into the rankings. No matter how many pieces of content you produce, they need to be of massive value, and they need to be focused, in-depth and informative.

Sites that focus on quality will continue to soar the rankings, and the ones that don’t will suffer in comparison. This means that if someone focuses on writing a blog post each week to keep their blog alive, it won’t work this year. The issue with this is that these kinds of posts don’t get linked as much as ones which are well researched. Links are the fuel of all search engines, and if no links are pointing to a post, it will get lost in the result pages that no one checks. Click here for more info.

This means that it’s better to do one great piece of content every few months than to struggle each week to keep consistency. The first one equals more links, more visitors, and better rankings. The latter will no longer work. This is where you get to make a choice. Do you want to follow a new trend, or do you want to keep doing what you’re doing and get the same results? Or, maybe even get worse results?

A few final words

SEO is a modern game that everyone wants to figure out. It’s so complex and so easy at the same time. It is like an opponent that we face all the time but is always one step ahead of us. Our goal is to craft a strategy that will work, and the ones above definitely do.